Core Documents

CD1 Guidance on Compulsory purchase process and The Crichel Down Rules. Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. (February 2018)
CD2 The Compulsory Purchase (Inquiries Procedures) Rules 2007. Statutory Instrument 2007 No. 3617
CD3 The Highways (Inquiries Procedure) Rules 1994
CD4 The Highways Act 1980
CD5 Committee Reports, The County of Herefordshire District Council
    A Cabinet South Wye Transport Package 13th November 2014 
    B General Overview and Scrutiny Committee Call-in of Cabinet Decision on South Wye  Transport Package 2nd December 2014 
    C Cabinet South Wye Transport Package 18th December 2014
    D Assistant Director place based commissioning South Wye Transport Package planning application – Southern Link Road 28th April 2015 
    E Cabinet member infrastructure South Wye Transport Package active travel measures – public consultation 26th August 2016 
    F Cabinet South Wye Transport Package – southern link road land acquisition of required rights and easements 20th October 2016
   G Cabinet South Wye Transport Package 16th November 2017
   H Cabinet South Wye Transport Package - Active Travel Measures 14th December 2017
CD6 National Planning Policy Framework – March 2012
CD7-1 Herefordshire Council Local Transport Plan (2016-2031)
CD8 Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy (adopted 2015)
CD9 Herefordshire Unitary Development Plan (adopted March 2007)
CD10 Callow and Haywood Group Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011 - 2031 – December 2016
CD11 Hereford Relief Road Southern Corridor Assessment Report  - May 2012
CD12 Hereford Relief Road Study of Options Report (Amey – September 2010)
CD13 Herefordshire Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2014
CD14 Herefordshire Economic Vision – Invest in Herefordshire
CD15 Hereford Enterprise Zone Local Development Order (adopted April 2013)
CD16 Statement of Reasons
CD17 The Belmont Transport Package Stage 2 Appraisal (Amey – February 2013)
CD18 South Wye Transport Package Preferred Option Report (November 2014)
CD19 Planning Permission Ref: P151314.F
CD20 South Wye Transport Package Outline Business Case
CD21 South Wye Transport Package Southern Link Road Environmental Statement April 2015 
CD22 Southern Link Road, Hereford Planning Statement
CD23 South Wye Transport Package Report on Consultation April 2015
CD24 Herefordshire Local Plan - Core Strategy 2011 - 2031
CD25 Belmont Rural Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan
CD26 Callow and Haywood Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014 - 2031 - November 2014
CD27 The Marches LEP SEP Evidence Base - Draft June 2018
CD28 Planning Officers Report to Committee - 151314 - NEW SINGLE CARRIAGEWAY (SOUTHERN LINK ROAD)
CD29 Update sheet to Officers Report
CD30 Public minutes 06062016 1400 Planning and regulatory committee
CD31 Secretary of State Decision letter on call-in request
CD32 Updated National Planning Policy Framework
CD33 Panel Report of the West Midlands RSS Phase Two Revision
CD34 Town and Country Planning Act 1990
CD35 Manual for Streets - 2007
CD36 Manual for Streets 2 - sections 8 - 10
CD37 South Wye Transport Package - SLR Stage 2 Road Safety Audit
CD38 South Wye Transport Package – Southern Link Road Stage 2 Road Safety Audit Designer’s response
CD39 Hereford Southern Link Road (SLR) – Non-Motorised User (NMU) Audit Report
CD40 Road Restraint Risk Appraisal Process – 3512874BP-WSP-XX-HE-TN-J-00003
CD41 Hereford Southern Link Road Ground Investigation Report
CD42 Hereford Southern Link Road Geotechnical Design Report
CD43 Habitats Regulations Screening Assessment Report (Parsons Brinckerhoff, February 2015)
CD44 Habitats Regulations Screening Assessment Report (Parsons Brinckerhoff, June 2016)
CD45 Technical note justifying the scheme design at Grafton Lane
CD46 Response to Natural England Comments
CD47 Southern Link Road Botanical Update Report (WSP, October 2017)
CD48 Hereford Southern Link Road (SLR) – Route Appraisal and the Consideration of Heritage Issues (September 2015)
CD49 Response to Historic England (8 September 2015)
CD50 Compulsory Purchase Order 2018 and plan
CD51 Compulsory Purchase Side Roads Order 2018 and plan
CD52 Statement of Case
CD53 The Green Book - Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government
CD54 Transport Analysis Guidance overview webpage
CD55 Value for Money Framework 2015
CD56 Transport Appraisal Process January 2014 (part of WebTAG)
CD57 South Wye Transport Package - Southern Link Road Transport Assessment May 2015
CD58 Briefing note for planning case officer: transport impacts and benefits arising from SLR 30 September 2015
CD59 South Wye Transport Package Active Travel Consultation Report November 2017
CD60 Highways Agency letter to Herefordshire Council dated 19 June 2013
CD61 Landscape Principles - clarification of principles that influenced design of the landscape mitigation proposals  (October 2015)
CD62 Updates of Figure 2.2 and 2.3 of the Planning Statement
CD63 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Key Views and Visualisations (VP032)
CD64 Land at Bullinghope - ALC Report (1999)
CD65 Water Framework Directive Assessment Report (Parsons Brinckerhoff, September 2015)
CD66 Technical note setting out the justification for the size and location of Pond B
CD67 South Wye Transport Package: Southern Link Road - Historic Landscape Assessment (WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, December 2015)
CD68 Landscape Principles Note describing the two mitigation options that could address Historic England’s concerns (December 2015)
CD69 Revised photomontages for viewpoints 10, 11 and 32 to show the two mitigation options presented to Historic England
CD70 Visualisation showing the view from the first floor of Haywood Lodge showing the two mitigation options presented to Historic England
CD71 Technical Note: Request for Additional Information from Historic England - Route Options (14th December 2015)
CD72 Technical Note: Request for Topographic Analysis from Historic England (14th December 2015)
CD73 Request for Clarification following meeting with Historic England on 27th Janaury 2016 (4th February 2016)
CD74 Figure 7.4 Rev A - Landscape Mitigation Plan (Whole Route)
CD75 Figure 1 - Landscape Mitigation Plan (Between Railway & Haywood Lane)
CD76 South Wye Transport Package: Locally Important Buildings Setting Assessment (January 2016)
CD77 GCN Survey Report 2018

Additional Core Documents submitted by Other Parties

OP-CD-1 - Transport for New Homes - Project Summary and Recommendation - July 2018 - submitted by R Palgrave (OBJ-06)
OP-CD-2 - Herefordshire Council - Adopted Scoping Opinion dated 24th April 2015 - submitted by R Palgrave (OBJ-06)
OP-CD-3 - Herefordshire Council Report - The Population of Herefordshire 2018 - June 2018
OP-CD-4 - Balfour Beatty, Botanical Update Report - October 2017

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